Revisiting “Doug”

So we’re in the planning stages for our next Concert Window ( event, an evening of “Doug” songs.  We haven’t performed most of these for quite a while so it’s fun relearning them.  We’re looking at a set of around 15 songs and we’re going to try and do them chronologically. It’s an interesting challenge ’cause they weren’t written that way. Musically, when we create a set, we try to keep an eye on tempo, style, lead singer, etc., and with the “Doug” songs, that means we might have to exclude one or two so that the same person isn’t singing 2 or 3 solo songs in a row.

The question came up about some of the “extended family” songs . . . we’ll be skipping them this time ’round but maybe some of them will make it into the “lost ” songs shows. That probably includes “Delilah Gets Married,” “Mrs. Rosenberg,” and “Dog at the Gates of Hell.”

More about the show as it takes shape.


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Waiting For California – June, 2013

Busy times around here.  Emma’s (daughter) graduating from Middle School, Hilary’s (wife) practicing for her new recording, Ollie (dog) is licking his paws again and keeps following me around the house, Arni’s doing amazing art and getting ready to celebrate her birthday, Patrice is getting ready for the Mandolin Symposium, the group is trying to record the new song for Just One Angel 2.0, and we’re getting ready to head down to Northern California for a few shows.  Phew!

The California shows are pretty exciting ’cause, in addition to returning to Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz — beautiful venue, by the way — and Twisted Oak Winery in Vallecito — great wine, great view, great bbq — we’re doing the first complete Bay Area Uncle Bonsai show in over 25 years. Yep, it’s hard to believe . . . other than the “Just One Angel” show a couple of years ago, we have not played in the San Francisco/Berkeley area  since 1987 or 1988. But that’s not all; we get to play Freight & Salvage, in Berkeley, which is one of the premiere concert venues in the county AND has wonderful sound and the nicest staff.

Many of you know I’m not exactly a “glass half full” kind of guy . . . on a good day I might be considered a “hey, who broke the glass” person; on a normal day, maybe it’s more like “there’s a glass?”  So, while I can’t wait to hit the stage at Freight & Salvage, I do realize that we’re playing on a Tuesday night, in summer, during a holiday week . . . we have no idea who’s coming but, we promise, both of you will get a great show!

If you want to get tickets . . .

June 29th: Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz (use the secret code UBVIP_SC0629 for a discount)

July 2nd: Freight & Salvage in Berkeley (Even if you can’t make it, tell someone to go!)

July 5th: Twisted Oak Winery in Vallecito (They’re having a pit BBQ too!)

See you next week

– andrew

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Another New Web Site?

never satisfied . . ..

Been going over the main web site again.  Even though I liked the way some of the things were working, it still wasn’t right.  I got rid of a lot of text — some of us get a little “wordy” at times — but it still didn’t look right.

So, I’ve spent the last 4 days completely redoing it and I like this version a whole lot better. Not everything is working yet, I’m having some problems getting pages to load from “external” links, but it’s up and running . . see what you think.

– andrew

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