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Updated: 1.20.2013
Server News: We had to move some files around . . the blog will be up and running soon!

Here's where you'll find all sorts of information about news and events...when we have some news and events. As always, don't forget to visit the new forums for other concert listing information, set lists, requests, and discussion.

Breaking News: The First Book Release Concerts Announced!

The first release concert for The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep has been announced! On May 4th, at The Triple Door in Seattle, we'll be officially launching the new book. (Remember, it's not just a book . . . it's two books in one WITH a compact disc of the songs!) This is our first of, hopefully, a series of parental advice book, based on our songs, that we'll be releasing; come on out and join the party! If you just can't wait, and who can blame you, advance copies are available in the store. Thanks again to everyone who donated to the big Kickstarter campaign; see you in May.

Tour News for 2013

We're working on the 2013 Concert Calendar and hope to have all the dates listed soon. Some highlights include:

April 5th & 12th - Seattle, WA: Moisture Festival @ Hale's Palladeum
April 27th - Snohomish, WA: Tim Noah Theater
May 4th - Seattle, WA: The Triple Door | Book Release Concert
May 18th - Portland, OR: Alberta Rose Theatre | Book Release Concert
May 19th - Salem, OR: Temple Beth Sholom Benefit Concert
June 29th - Santa Cruz, CA: Kuumbwa Jazz Center | Book Release Concerts
July 5th - Vallecito, CA: Twisted Oak Winery | Concert & Pit BBQ

Show in Northern California (summer), the East Coast & the Midwest (fall) and the Just One Angel 2013 tour, are being finalized but look for an Ann Arbor "Book Release Concert" on October 26th with, hopefully, Chicago the following week! Visit the Concerts page for details and full schedule. And don't forget to join the Uncle Bonsai Street Team for special invitations, discounts, and opportunites that'll help bring the group to your town.

Latest Recording

Welcome to those of you who didn't realize we were still together! How ya been? How are the kids? What ever happened with that thing and that other thing? Did the ointment help? Things have been hopping around here though, to be honest, while hopping hasn't changed in a long time, landing is somehow different. A lot of you knew we were on a break but did you know we've been playing longer during this stretch than we ever did "back then?" And we have an amazing new release, "The Grim Parade," our first new Uncle Bonsai recording in almost 10 years? Oh, that's right, you didn't know we had a cd, "Apology," come out 10 years ago, did you? Well, time flies!
We also have our first ever ringtone. Ctrl+click (right+click) to download the MMF version or the MP3 version.


If you have concert-venue suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know! With the new cd in hand, we're looking forward to heading back to the other areas of the country.











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