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Here are some of the things the press has said about Uncle Bonsai!

"Singers Ratshin, O'Neill and Adler are pitch-perfect in their delivery of often complex harmonic arrangements. And if there were an Ella Fitzgerald Award for Exquisite Elocution in Song, they would surely get it. The trio officially bills itself as a "folk" outfit, but has none of the naiveté that label might suggest. These are nicely edgy, sour-sweet songs, written for grown-ups." - Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

“Uncle Bonsai, a folk-pop trio from Seattle, performs funny original songs whose exquisite musical detail and subtle needling wit attain a level of craft not often seen in pop.” - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“They brought cerebral wit, an assured stage presence, strong visual appeal and unusual and sophisticated harmonies (to their show). Uncle Bonsai is very talented, very promising, a group to watch.” - Jeff McLaughlin, The Boston Globe

“The group has achieved an almost cult status...delighting audiences with such songs as “Cheerleaders on Drugs”, “Chubby Wanna Sundae”, “Boys Want Sex in the Morning” ...Their music ranges from irreverent to ironic, from satirical to sad. And despite the folk tag, their music defies categorization as it incorporates elements of jazz, pop, broadway, reggae, and classical.” - Carlos Andres Pedraza, Associated Press

“No other folk group has a vocal blend comparable to Uncle Bonsai. Uncle Bonsai writes and performs songs that combine folk-oriented melodies with lyrics whose intricate rhymes, ironic knowingness and satirical thrust suggest vintage theater songs filtered through the influence of the Beatles. The group offered more than scintillating cleverness. Songs about sexual manners and role-playing directly confront ticklish situations that one would not ordinarily expect to hear discussed in pop songs with honesty, delicacy and humor.” - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Uncle Bonsai are not normal. (They have) humor that starts at irreverent and moves out from there. They have the technical ability one expects of the Pointer Sisters or Manhattan Transfer...The crowd gave them a wildly enthusiastic reception and they encored with a breakneck “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” that left the Andrew Sisters’ original in the dust.” - Elijah Wald, The Boston Globe

“Whenever depression overwhelms, I remember I still have the Uncle Bonsai records. An intelligent band that’s also funny? Too good to be true.” - Lin Brehmer, WXRT, Chicago

“The problem with some ‘funny’ songs is that they don’t bear repeated playings. Uncle Bonsai’s songs defy the convention. They’re peanut butter for the brain, spread thick.” - Ed McKeon, Folk Roots, UK

“...vocal harmonizing is sophisticated and soaring, filling up all the empty spaces. Stylistically, they’re adept at everything from opera to jazz, reggae to doo-wop.”- Philadelphia Daily News

“...hilarious and very entertaining, through perfectly meshed voices and acoustic guitar. Every piece is a gem; each has the same kind of quirky sardonic edge that Loudon Wainright III and the Roches work has.” - Greg Quill, Toronto Star

“...humorous, warm, exhilarating, creative and politically courageous. It’s exciting to play their music; it makes me happy.” - Fred Herskowitz, WBAI, NY

“...superb in singing its own witty, arch and hugely entertaining songs...stunningly perceptive and often hilarious.” - Wayne Johnson, Seattle Times

“Uncle Bonsai is one of todays most talented and entertaining folk vocal trios...sounding at times as sweet as a church choir or skipping and swinging like psychotic Andrews Sisters and brother.” - Jackpot, CMJ New Music Report

“...complex but catchy vocal music...tackle issues most songwriters wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pen. Their forte is to take the most unusual subjects and deliver them with hot musicianship.” - Larry Kelp, Oakland Tribune

“...innovative approach and a vibrant signature style. At a frenetic pace, with endlessly entertaining wit...notable for zinging one liners that cut through egos and pretensions and cultural blind spots like a scalpel.” - Chris Hill, City Paper, Philadelphia

“Their lyrics are as sophisticate as their harmonics. Folk, jazz, rock, even Gilbert and Sullivan patter-style songs – everything is grist for their creative mill. Uncle Bonsai is a treat not to be missed.- Diane Wright, Everett Herald

“Uncle Bonsai are one of the best things to erupt since Mt. St. Helens inspired all those lost environment, mother nature, Harry Truman epics...The effect is overwhelming and is a startling as a dog with good breath. They captivate and revet you. Their music is comprised of a babbling jungle of disjointed wordings too intellectual for most graffiti specialists but on the mark so solid you laugh and see a bit more of what goes on in your life and theirs.”- Chris Lunn, Victory Music Review